The 5th Envicop Project Meeting and Research Seminar was held in Varna, Bulgaria on 30 September – 1 October 2014. , on the topic of ”Artificial Reefs & Beach nourishment’. Meeting was organized and hosted by the Black Sea – Danube Coastal Association for Research and Development (BDCA). Meeting has been organized concurrently with the 5th Int’l COASTLAB Conference (www.coastlab14.com)  that gave the opportunity of ENVICOP participants to attend also a big international event in the field of coastal engineering research.. Four scientific papers presenting ENVICOP finding and results have been presented at the Coastlab 2014 conference. Meeting in Bulgaria was attended by 12 researchers (experienced  and early stage researchers)  representing ENVICOP project partners. The Joint Research Seminar was attended also by some external participants.


  • Joint Research Seminar
    • 3 targeted scientific sessions,
    • 10 reports/presentations related to the project activities have been delivered
  • Partners Meetings:  A series of bilateral meetings and discussions between partners have been carried out to advice joint research cooperation and specify further research exchange.
  • Study visits:
    1. Physical Model Laboratory, BSHC ‐ BAS, Varna
    2. Varna Breakwater, Port of Varna, Coastal Sites
  • Meeting of Steering Committee. A Project consortium Meeting (Steering Committee) has been carried out, to evaluate Project progress.

Click here to download detailed program of the meeting (PDF).

Please contact the organizers or ENVICOP Coordinator for requesting a copy of proceedings and presentations