Final ENVICOP Conference & Project Meeting,

Naples, ITALY


The Final ENVICOP Conference & Project Meeting was held in Naples, Italy on 20-22 April 2014. It was the closing event of the project, incorporating scientific sessions, round table discussions, presentations on main project findings and results, preparation for final reporting. Meeting was attended by 12 ENVICOP partner’s representatives, as well as by a number of external researchers and experts.


  • Final Conference (Joint Research Seminar with external participants): 
    • 4 targeted scientific sessions,
    • 16 reports/presentations related to the project activities have been delivered
  • Round Table:  Major project findings and results have been discussed, with participation of external researchers and experts. Importance of transfer of international expertise and know-how between the partners was stressed, particularly in the fields of:
  • Environmental options for coastal protection
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management
  • Numerical Simulations for Flood Risk Management
  • Study visit: A study tour to Coastal Protection Sites in the area of Naples and Capri has been organized
  • Meeting of Steering Committee. The final workshop meeting (Steering Committee) has been carried out, to summarize Project activities, and provide relevant advise for final reporting.

Click here to download detailed program of the meeting (PDF).

Please contact the organizers or ENVICOP Coordinator for requesting a copy of proceedings and presentations